Throughout its history, PHUMY ITC has been providing professional equipment from international leading manufacturers with always same motto: "Quality in Service".

2007 We established of the socialist republic of Vietnam on the 24th August.


Today, the We offers its expertise and services throughout Vietnam, with the support of more than 15 professional collaborators. The group expertise on equipment and consumables as well as project development has extended to 4 main divisions:

1. Healthcare 
2. Laboratories 
3. Environment 
4. Industry
5. Software

Across the different sectors of activity there is always the same principle: more than just being a distributor, We is a partner in developing your projects on a long-term basis with the guarantee of a high-end service, sustainable quality, performing solutions and viable investment. In selecting HTM, our clients choose reliability, performance and sustainability because they know that all our resources are focused on the success of their projects and their long-term.